1. The gap between my daughters teeth

2. Cotton candy clouds 

3. White cotton curtains blowing in the breeze

4. The kind prayers of a stranger 

5. The creek in the old door, that has been etched into my memories 

6. Flowers in the middle of the table 

7. Old Audrey Hepburn movies 

8. Memories made in Ireland with my husband 

9. Cold milk 

10. The sun shining on the hills 

11. The way my daughters nose crinkles when she laughs

12. Oregon 

It's only the beginning.  
I dare you to count the ways He loves you. 
Give your attention away to the little ways that He shares his peace with you.  
You are surrounded, drowning in a sea full of grace you only need to look, 
surely if you look, you will discover His gifts. 

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