Ezrah's Room Tour!

Hi Everyone!  So I few months ago I started a blog series about my home and how I decorate and create an inspiring environment for my family and I.  I was still living with my parents at the time because my husband was still in Korea so I only got to show you my bedroom.  Well, Bryan is back from Korea and we are finally settled into our little apartment in Washington so I thought it would be a great time to share with you more of my home!  Today I am sharing with you our daughter Ezrah's room.  I am actually most excited about Ezrah's room because over the past two years it's just something I never really got to, so to finally get the chance to really create something special for her makes me really happy!  I hope you all enjoy :) 

This is basically what you see when you first walk in.  Yes, our two and a half year old still sleeps in a crib.  She hasn't figured out how to climb out of it yet so I am taking full advantage! #mommywin I will go into detail about where all everything is from throughout this post.  

I've always had this fear of putting artwork above Ezrah's bed because I'm afraid it's going to fall on her during the night but as we all know Target solves all of our problems (or becomes the source of our problems according to husbands haha) and I found the perfect thing to fill out the space above her bed.  This unicorn is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen and I couldn't let it go.  Both the unicorn and frame around it are super lightweight so if anything were to fall it wouldn't put Ezrah in any danger.  So now Ezrah has a new super cute accessory and mommy can sleep easy! 

This is Ezra's reading nook that she actually uses pretty regularly.  I catch her in this little chair a lot, it's so sweet!  I got the chair for around three dollars from a little vintage show in Medford, Oregon.  I'm pretty sure that it is annual (every August) so if you are ever in the area I HIGHLY recommend it!  Just be sure to wear your summer clothes, it'll be HOT!  Here's a great tip for all you vintage show lovers:  Try to go late on the last day of the show.  The vendors will be eager to get rid of things and you can often get some great deals.  It's also a good way to beat the crowds and the heat!  The bunny on the left was given to Ezrah as a gift from my aunt and Bryan and I brought the bunny on the right home for Ezrah from Ireland.  Her curtains are from Urban Outfitters and I don't think they are available anymore but there are similar ones here.  Her lamp is from Walmart and the bunny banner is from Targets Easter collection from a few years ago.  It's not available anymore but they always 
bring something similar out every year.  

I have loved the idea of displaying books like this for a long time and I finally had the opportunity to put these up!  These are picture ledges that I got from Ikea they were really inexpensive and super easy to install.  I think it's just a great way to display all the pretty covers of the books.  Ezrah can also reach the lowest one really easily so she can read on her own if she wants.  

Whats on the selves? 

Top shelf from left to right:  Simply Audrey, Madeline, All Aboard Paris, The secret Garden, All Aboard National Parks, Different Like Coco.  

Middle Shelf from left to right:  Julia, Child, Pride and Prejudice, On the Night You Were Born, Tallulah's Nutcracker, Emma 

Bottom shelf from left to right:  This Little Light of Mine, Goodnight Moon, Jane Eyre, Guess How Much I love you, Yoda, Sense and Sensibility 

The majority of these books can be found on Amazon.  The books with the classic titles are from BabyLit and the All Aboard books can be found at Lucy Darling.  I have also found them at a lot of specialty shops as well.  I always keep my eye for them so I don't have to pay shipping if I don't have to!

This is a little cubby that I made for Ezrah when I was still pregnant with her!  I just took a shelf that I bought at Target and took the shelf out and added this pressure rod so that I could hang clothing in it. Right now it just holds some of the dresses that she wears most often. 

Here are some details from the top of her cubby.  The vase on the left is just a mason jar that I painted blue and the flower is from Hobby Lobby.  The owl on the right was a gift from her aunt Natalie.  The Eiffel Tower was a gift from my mom and the sunglasses are from Gap.  

These books are the Puffin Children's Classics editions and I absolutely adore them.  I'm still collecting them and I am so excited to have them for Ezrah for when she gets a little older.  For awhile I was finding them at Barnes and Noble but sadly I think they stopped selling them.  The best place to find them is Amazon but I do occasionally come across them in specialty shops as well. 

This piece of artwork is also something that I made when I was still pregnant with Ezrah.  It says "let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains."  It was really easy to make!  I just went to Home Depot and got a piece of plywood and then painted it with craft paint.  Once everything was dry I deserted it a little with sand paper.  I really like the way it turned out and I think the quote is a perfect fit for my little firecracker! 

This is the last little corner of her bedroom.  The banner hanging from the ceiling is a DIY that I did for her 2nd birthday party and I just decided to keep it to decorate her room with.  The bunny is a little puppet that my Dad brought her back from Cambodia when he visited in December.  The chalkboard is from Ikea and it doubles as a white board on the back.  It was super inexpensive and she loves drawing on it!  

Overall I just really wanted to make her room really bright and whimsical so that she has a fun place for to play and learn.  It was so much fun to put together and she really does spend so much of her time in here playing, drawing, and reading.  I hope you all enjoyed this little tour!  Have a blessed week!

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