DIY Ombre Dresser

Hi Everyone!
In my last post I did a tour of my daughter, Ezrah's room.  I showed a little cubby that I had made for her while I was pregnant to hang all of her dresses and while it was practical for hanging clothes it wasn't for the rest of her clothes.  I was at the time keeping them in little bins underneath her crib and it just got to be a mess so I decided that she needed a dresser but I didn't want to pay a bunch of money for one.  SO being the bargain shopper/DIYer that I am I decided to hunt one down for cheap and then redo it.  

I ended up finding this one at goodwill for really cheap and I loved it!  I think it's really cute and retro and all it needed was a new paint job!  It is also great quality as it is quite heavy and has weight to it so it's not necessarily cheap quality!  I thought it was a great find! 

I usually use chalk paint to redo all my furniture because you don't have to do any stripping, it's a lot faster, and it helps give a distressed look to the finished product.  For this dresser thought I didn't want to distress it, I just wanted a nice clean paint job so I decided to use regular paint.  Because of this I had to strip it first.  All I did was take sand paper (heavy grit) and gave it a good sand.  I sanded with the grain, against the grain, and then with the grain again.  This ensured that I covered all areas and the wood would be ready for paint.  

This is what it looked like once I was finished sanding.  Once I was finished I wiped it down with a wet rag and then let it sit a little while and then I took my vacuum with the brush attachment and vacuumed it to make sure that I got all dust that I might have missed with the rag.  

This is the finished product!  I did an ombre finish and I know it looks pretty subtle, which it is, but the picture isn't quite doing it justice.  I painted the outside of it white and then the drawers, as you can see, are pink.  The color I used is Behr High Maintenance.  I painted the bottom draw in the true color of the paint.  From there I added 10 spoonfuls of white for each drawer so that each drawer would be roughly 10 shades lighter than the last.  I wasn't able to change out the handles yet because they are an odd size and I wasn't able to find a replacement yet so I may do it in the future if I come across something that I like and that fits!  I am really happy with the way it turned out and the OCD in me is so happy to have drawers again for her clothes!  I also didn't get rid of her cubby but I moved it to another room and I am going to be repurposing it for something else!  Stay tuned ;) 

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