My Dining Room Tour

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share with you one last little peak into my apartment.  I've had a lot of fun doing this little series and I really love making our place personal to our family.  I hope I have encouraged you to do the same.  Enjoy!

Here is a small overview of my dining room.  I love the idea of always having a bouquet of fresh flowers in the center of my table but I find that these faux hydrangeas are much more practical and I love the white against my white table.  Speaking of my dining room table, this thing is my DIY pride and joy. When Bryan and I first got married his supervisor at the time gave us this set for free.  At that time chalk paint was starting to become a thing so I decided to give it a try and four years later I am still loving it. I love how it's chipped and scuffed, to me it's perfectly imperfect. Also, I wish I would have pictured it but the legs on both the table and chairs are painted a sea foam blue color to give it a bit of a twist and contrast.  The wall hanging in the background is inspired by the one hanging in Serena van der Woodsen's house from the show Gossip Girl, which I was obsessed with a few years ago.  As you can see it's not finished.  I still need to add the arrow and the milage on it.  I keep promising myself I will get around to it someday and I would really like to, I just need to find the time. 

Right behind the table we keep this little buffet cabinet that I painted white and here is a little close up of what's on top. The cake stand was a gift from my mom, which she got at Hobby Lobby.  The vase on top is from Ikea and the ombre bowls are from Anthropologie.  This recipe book was an intended Christmas present for my mom until I found out that my sister-in-law had already gotten it for her!  I ended up keeping it for myself and I thought it was too pretty to not display.  I eyed these adorable measuring cups for a long time before I finally bought them and contrary to what my husband thought at the time they get a lot of use!  I don't think Anthropologie carries this exact set anymore but they always have cute alternatives like these here!

Over here is a picture of my brother and his wife on their wedding day, such a great picture! I got this really pretty frame at Hobby Lobby.  I honestly don't know what that glass thing is to the left of the picture but I just thought it looked nice haha!  Then to the right of the picture is a stack of tea cups and saucers that I got from a little shop back in Oregon.  I don't drink tea but I still couldn't pass them up, I think they are such a pretty shade of blue! 

This is my other book case that houses all of my light colored books.  The sign resting on top is something I made from a shelf from our old tv cabinet that broke in our move. You can always find ways to repurpose old and broken things! 

More faux hydrangeas! This little collection of children's stories by J.R.R Tolkien is just the cutest!  They are actually my little brothers that he is currently keeping at my house.  I have yet to read any of them but I fully intend to! 

I got this little cup with a succulent in it at a little farmers market on Orcas Island this summer.  They were being sold by two kids that were so cute and I thought it was such a great idea!  I also chose the one with the chip in it because I thought it added to its charm. 

Here is a little peak at what's on the shelves.  At this point they need a little bit more love. 

Last but not least is our little chalkboard wall.  I love to write scripture and little things that will help inspire us daily.  Down below is a little tray where we put our keys but it has basically become a catch-all for a bunch of other random things. 

and that's about it!  I view the home as a place of rest and peace and so making something that both my family and our guests can enjoy is something that is really important to me!  I hope you all enjoyed and I hope you have a great week as you get ready for the weekend! 

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