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My husband and I are expecting our second child, Hadessah in December. As much as I would have loved for this one to be a boy I would be lying if I said I wasn't elated to be having another girl! There is just something so special about little girls and we can't wait for her arrival! So of course with a new baby on the way, naturally, you have to prepare. We already have a lot of necessities like the crib and lots of clothes but I can't help but get excited about some of the other cute baby things! So without further ado here is my mommy wish list!  Some of the things on this list are more necessary than others but it's  all adorable nonetheless.

1.  We had to add Ezrah's new big girl bed to the room so I have had to do a lot of adjusting with the layout. Now that everything is rearranged I have just been working on finishing touches.  I've been keeping everything really girly and whimsical and I think this little bunny mobile would go perfectly!

2. We swaddled Ezrah until the last possible second when she was still a baby and she slept really well on her own, as I was terrified of co-sleeping.  I fully intend on using the same game plan with Hadessah. I don't really have any of Ezrah's swaddling blankets left so I have been on the lookout for some. I found these hand-made blankets from Archer and Antlers over on Etsy and I just think they are the sweetest. They all come with a matching headband or hat and the shop has really great reviews so I think it may be something that I will continue to look into!

3. I never had any kind of carrier with Ezrah but I have always wanted to try the sling carriers.  When the baby is still so little it will be nice to still have the closeness.  They also look so comfortable and easy to use so I definitely think I am going to try one this time around.

4.  So this is one of those things that isn't quite necessary but I just love these little plush dolls from Anthropologie. They are so darling and I also love the idea of the girls having their own dolls that they can play with together as the little one gets older.

5. Arn't these teethers the cutest!?  I found them on Etsy from a shop called Urban Baby Boutique Inc. Ezrah started to get her first tooth around six months but she started using teethers long before that so I know I will want to be well prepared with Hadessah too. I love finding useful products with a fun and unique twist and these are no acceptation!  They come in so many fun colors too, I think I may consider getting the pink ones!

6. This post wouldn't be complete without a sweet little dress! I love the little collar on this one that I found at Zara.  I always tell all the mommy's in my life to check out Zara's children's clothing! They are seriously the best! I would consider some of their stuff to be on the pricy side but I would say that the majority of it is pretty affordable.  Their prices are right along the lines of other places like Target and Gap and you can get a lot of basic pieces like t-shirts for five dollars!

7.  Last but certainly not least are bibs! Now this one may look a bit fancy to you, like why would I buy this just to get peas and carrot stains all over it?  I have my reasonings.  Ezrah was the biggest drooler known to man.  I am so serious, I had to change her clothes like three times a day because they would be soaking ten minutes after I dressed her.  So if Ezrah's little sister is anything like she was I am going to need to figure something out rather that just change her clothes three times a day.  I could just go with your basic bib but I thought this was a great idea because if she is going to wear it all day long at least it ought to be stylish! It's also something that I can take off of her once it gets totally soaked, throw in the dryer quick, and then pop it back on her once its dried.  This particular one I found on Billy Bibs, they have so many other amazing styles and they are all reversible, which is a great little bonus.  I would also suggest following them on Instagram if you want endless amounts of mommy inspiration.

Well that is it for me today! I really hope that you enjoyed reading and I wish you all a happy Thursday! Friday is almost here, guys!

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