Messy Mommy Confessions: The day my daughter pooped her pants at the lake.

Hey everyone! 

I wanted to try something new here and start a new blog series called Messy Mommy Confessions.  A lot of times as moms we see other moms in our lives or on social media and get carried away with believing that everyday for them is always perfectly divine and that we are the only ones who experience the bad and the ugly. 

I first want to say that there is nothing wrong with sharing our happiest moments on social media, I think that's wonderful and good.  The problem is that it's only a small percentage of our lives and we often compare 100 percent of our lives with 5 percent of someone else's life.    So I thought I would share with you some of the bad and the ugly parts of my own motherhood experience.  I may post a lot of pictures of my little girls in pretty bows and no stains on their clothes and smiles on their faces but that's only just a glimpse.  Trust me when I say I deal with throw up and poop and horrible tantrums.  Some days I just want to shut myself away and throw a tantrum myself! 

So maybe on those days when you feel completely overwhelmed and you want to pull out your hair you can come here and know that you are NOT alone! 

The best way to start this series off is to obviously tell you a story about my daughter pooping her pants or rather her bathing suit. 

I can just see 16-year-old Ezrah mortified over what I am about to tell you but as her mom I have totally earned my right to embarrass her. 

The story begins this last summer when we went on a family vacation to Orcas Island.  On one of the days we packed lunches and our kayaks and spent the entire day at Cascade Lake.  It was the most beautiful day!  At one point Bryan and I took Ezrah over to the swimming area to "swim" I put that in quotations because Ezrah, at that time, was terrified of water so the most she did was dip her toes in a few times.  Anyways, I did a lot of swimming while Bryan played with her in the sand.  At this point she kept telling him that she had to go potty so he took her to the bathroom and she didn't have to go. This happened at least twice so he kind of stopped listening to her when she said she had to go.  I ended up coming back out of the water to play in the sand with her and this time she turned to me and said she had to go potty only this time she started crying so I knew she must really have to go.  I scooped her up and sprinted with her under my arm to the bathroom.  

I also just wanted to point out that at this time I was about 20 weeks pregnant with Hadessah so sprinting to the bathroom with my three year was just about as opposite of glamorous as it gets!

We got to the bathroom and if you couldn't tell by the title of this post, she didn't make it, she had pooped her pants.  I was at least happy that there was no one else in the bathroom, however, that didn't last long...

I then proceeded to take Ezrah's bathing suit off so that I could clean up whatever had happened in there.  She was wearing a one piece bathing suit too so the task was proving to be a little bit more difficult.  I was doing my very best to keep all of the contents inside her bathing suit so that I could just dump it in the toilet.  Just as I about have her bathing suit, someone walks into the bathroom and gets into the stall next too us. 

Remember how I told you that I was trying my best to keep the poop inside her bather suit?  Yeah, that didn't happen.  What happened was the poop fell out of the bathing suit and on to the floor right next to this woman's feet.  Seriously!!! I can't make this stuff up!  Mortified, I look over and all I can see is a pair of feet next to a pile of poop, it had completely crossed over into the next stall! 

I panicked!  I quickly grabbed a piece of toilet paper, reached over, picked it up, and flushed it.  Then I decided in 2.5 seconds that I would change Ezrah once we got outside (my sister-in-law had a little tent set up) so I put on her bathing suit as fast as I could and ran out of that bathroom like I was running for my freaking life!  I did NOT want to look this woman in the face!  All she wanted to do was do her business in peace and instead she got a full view of my daughters number two plopped right at her feet! 

Once I got out of there and got her changed it took my a good while to get over what had just happened.  Even though I never saw the woman I was so incredibly embarrassed!

Looking back on this epic day all I can do is laugh.  Number two happens (in my case, literally) and the best thing you can do is pick up (again, literally) and keep going.  At the end of it all I had just spend an amazing day at the lake with my family and there was no reason to let one small thing ruin it.  I hope this story in some way encourages you, or just makes you laugh, because we all go through the thick of it sometimes!

Have a great week, you guys! 

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  1. OMGosh, this tops the most embarrassing story ever told I think, so glad you all lived thru it to actually enjoy your day!