Coffee Table Essentials

Hello everyone, welcome back! 
Today I am going to be sharing with you all how I styled my coffee table.  Having a good layout on your coffee table can really pull together your entire space.  So let's get started!

So it took me awhile to come up with a layout that I really liked because when you are working with a larger surface area it can be tricky to create a cohesive look.  For a long time I just had a few stacks of books laying in the center of it.  The key that I eventually found is to break up the surface into two or more sections.  You can do this with things like trays and books. I found this gorgeous marble tray at, you guessed it, Target, and it was the perfect starting point. To add some height I added some fresh white hydrangeas.  I realize that I may over do it with the hydrangeas but they are seriously my favorite so I think it's ok.  I also just think there is something so chic about them paired against the gold accents of the tray.  

Another tip:  hydrangeas are great for coffee tables (or any surface set out away from the wall) because of the way they bunch together they look great from all angles. 

Next I added this cute fox figure and this beautiful copy of Romeo and Juliet that I found in my grandparents garage awhile back.  I love the way the beat up old cover looks against the glamour of the marble.  I think it adds a fun juxtaposition. 

Of course a coffee table can't be complete without a set of coasters.  I found these at Anthropologie and I just love the quality of them.  I placed the white one on top and then layered the other two under it so that you can just see some color popping out.  Speaking of popping out, yes, those are crumbs on the table that I didn't see when I was taking this picture.  I decided not to retake it because this is real life here haha! #momlife. 

I could have stopped there and probably have been happy with it but then I decided to add this gold geometric "thingy" I liked the way it tied in with the gold from the tray.  I also think it adds to the juxtaposition of modern and vintage that I am trying to go for in my decorating. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post all about coffee tables.  I hope to see you back here next time!

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