How to Care for Fresh Hydrangeas

If there is one thing that makes me especially excited about spring and summer, it's fresh flowers!  There is just something that makes me so happy to see them around my home.  Although I know that they can be a little bit frustrating to deal with and there is nothing worse than bringing home a beautiful bunch only to have them die the next day.  I wanted to share a few tricks and tips that I have used over the years that have helped me get maximum time out of my fresh flowers.  Today we are talking all about Hydrangeas, since they are my favorite flower, I thought it would be a good place to start. 

This first thing that I always do before I pick up hydrangeas is very gently feel their petals.  You want to make sure that the majority of the petals are nice and firm.  If they feel soft and lack luster then you are starting off by buying a bunch that is already on the down slope of going bad.  You don't have to be super aggressive about feeling them, just a quick touch will tell you whether or not you should buy them.  You also want to look at the edges of the flowers, if the majority of them are brewing, you won't want to pick those up either.  A few are ok here and there but just make sure they aren't taking over the entire bunch. 

The next step is all in the stems.  Hydrangea stems tend to be filled with a lot of sap that can block water.  In order to loosen up the sap, stick the stems into some boiling water for about a minute or two before you arrange them.  It is really important to keep your flowers in the cellophane wrap while you do this, to block the rising steam.  Otherwise the steam will cause your flowers to wilt.  Next you will want to remove any leaves that may sit below the water line.  The leaves tend to soak up a lot water.  More water will reach the petals by removing the majority of the leaves.  

Once you have cut your stems to size you will want to vitally cut up the center of each stem a few inches.  This is a great way for your flowers to get maximum water intake.  After that you are ready to put them in a vase that is heavily watered and place them somewhere near natural light. 

Now that they are set and looking pretty you will want to keep an eye on them.  Once a day lightly mist the petals with a spray bottle to ensure they are getting even more water.  Another tip is to cut the stems a few inches every other day or so to ensure the ends of the stems stay fresh.  

I hope that this post was helpful to you in some way and I wish you very happy and healthy fresh blooms.  Peony season is just around the corner so I will be back with more very tips soon! 



  1. Thanks for the tips! Lovely photos as well!
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