Ezrah & Hadessah's Updated Room Tour!

Hello everyone, I realized recently that it has been awhile since I did a tour of the girls' bedroom!  It has been a year or two since the last one and since we recently moved I thought it would be the perfect time for an update.  Like our last place we still live in a two bedroom apartment so we had to get creative with the space but I love how it turned out.  The other thing I absolutely love about this apartment is the ceilings.  They are vaulted and the windows are huge, which is so rare for apartments!  So because of the ceiling height and all of the natural lighting every room feels twice the size that it actually is.  Besides our house back in Tennessee, this is by far our favorite place we have ever lived (and we have lived in a lot of places over the span of our six years of marriage haha!) So I really hope you guys enjoy it! 

I will leave links to some of our favorite things down below! 

I just wanted to mention one thing about the girls' dresser.  At one point we had a tall pink set of drawers in their room and one day I heard a crash and Ezrah (our oldest) started screaming.  I ran into the room and found that she had crawled up on her dresser and it had fallen over on top of her!  I was so freaked out!  We had this cute black dresser in our room and I immediately switched them out.  It's short and wide so now I don't have to worry about it falling over and I can rest much easier at night!  Just thought I would bring that up as an option for any other paranoid mammas out there, like me!

It even holds a lot more than you might consider just by looking at it!  At one point I thought about painting it but honestly, the black grew on me.  I think it looks very Parisian with the crystal knobs.

When I was pregnant with Ezrah I kept on telling Bryan that we weren't going to do a pink room, we weren't going to do a pink room!  And pretty much the opposite has happened!  All the accessories are pink, including this cute play kitchen.  (By the way I wouldn't ever want real mice in my kitchen but I would make an acceptation for these cuties from Maileg, one of my favorite toy brands ever!) Anyways, over the past few years pink has really grown on me and I don't even care if it's a little basic, I love it!

Links to some of our favorite things: 

Unicorn Wall Mount

Plush Unicorns (seriously my fave!!!) 

Curtains (I've had these for almost five years and I don't think they are sold anymore but I linked something similar!) 

Ezrah's Duvet (Similar!) 

Ball Gown Print 

Vintage Play Kitchen

Wooden Play Food Set (Currently on sale!!!)

 Maileg Toys and Accessories (Just do yourself a favor and browse their site...they are just the most precious, beautiful, unique, and well crafted toys everrr!) 

I hope you enjoyed this little update and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  See you back here next time!