New Year, New Perspective: My Word for 2019

Over the years I have been pretty big into making goals for the new year and don't get me wrong, I still am.  I have a little list tucked away in my brain for 2019 but there is something more that I want to focus on in the coming year.  I think that a lot of times with goals we can get caught up in the pressure of accomplishing them.  Whether or not we reach those goals or not we tend to lean on our own strength.  It's about bettering ourselves or our lives of our own accord.  Again, I am all about it, looking towards something better, looking towards growth.  But this year (and beyond) I really want to focus on the Lord's strength by trusting in the things that He has laid on my heart and trusting Him to be my strength in accomplishing them.

Which is why I decided that I really want to dwell on one word that points towards the Lord's strength and what I am believing of Him in the coming year.  I have spent a lot of time praying and meditating on this over the past several months and so without further ado my word for 2019 is...


For the sake of being honest, over the past several years I have been extremely frustrated with God and His timing.  I had this vision for my life.  This vision of how I could use writing to contribute to both my family and ministry.  I began seriously working towards this vision three years ago and haven't seen much fruit.  I fell into the world's pace with ease, fighting for instant gratification, instant results.  I've been FRUSTRATED but I continued to hear from the Lord:  keep going, keep going!

It's hard though, when you pour your heart into something and see little from it.  It makes you want to quit.

There was a time recently though when God laid something on my heart like a brick.

"Are you seeking fruition for your own gain or are you seeking it for My glory?"

It's tough to admit selfish intentions but I think that's ultimately where I was at.  I needed to feel big and accomplished.  For me.  So I had to really work that out with God and He used this conviction to change the perspective of my heart.  Through much prayer I have come to this place where I have realized a life of servitude.  I will never be perfect but I want to use my gifts and talents to serve God as a vessel.  I want people to look at the things I have put my hand to and then see something greater beyond it.  

Now, on to the promise.

God does not owe me fruit but He has promised me fruit and to the benefit of His Kingdom I am believing Him for a portion of the harvest in the coming year.  There are seasons of preparation for each calling in our lives and if I really take a good hard look over the course of my life I can almost pin point the time when God gave me a passion for writing.  It was almost ten years ago.  TEN!  I was seventeen years old and without really knowing it I was stepping into a calling that would take ten years of refinement.

God has the ability to take a glowing ember and nurture it into flame.  It amazes me and my frustration fades when I trust in His slow burning process because I know that He is changing me.  When it comes time to gather my crop I will know that He has readied my heart for such a time, that I am who He needs me to be in that moment in order to fully glorify Him.

It's honestly one of the most terrifying things to come out publicly and share what the Lord has shared with me in private but I always believe in the purpose.

I just feel like the Lord is telling me, "Your harvest has ripened!"

I got in the Word before writing this today and God lead me to Luke Chapter 1.  I am reading about Mary and this unapologetic faith that she had in God when an angel appeared to her and told her that she, as a virgin would conceive a child by the Holy Spirit.  Not just any child but a King whose kingdom shall have no end.  She was filled with joy and ran to share the good news with her cousin, Elizabeth.

This is how Elizabeth responds to Mary in Luke 1:45 -

"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her!" 

Woah!  One little sentence and the Lord confirmed me to write this today.  I do not even have the words to express my gratitude for the Word of God.  Guys, if you seek Him, you will find Him and He will speak to you.  I urge you with my whole heart to get in that Book!

So, like Mary, this year I am believing with no apology for the Lord to fulfill a promise to me.  I am going to see fruit for His kingdom.  I simply cannot wait to see Him move in the lives of others through the things that I create by His strength and for His purpose.

I'm giddy.

I don't know if you have a word for the upcoming year like me, you certainly don't have to.  But what I do hope is that you continue to plow the fields that God has called you to, even when you look up and there are miles to go.  Wipe the sweat off your brow and keep going, keep moving your passions and your talents forward.  God is shaping you for your season ahead.

There is coming a day and it's going to be good!

keep tending your crops. 

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