Outings with Ezrah: A Warm Sunday Walk

On Sunday after church Ezrah and I decided to go on a walk together while we let daddy stay home and watch football. It was such a beautiful day that I couldn't resist driving up to Steilacoom, which is one of my favorite places in Washington. It's a quiet little town right on the sound and we just love to go there to eat, play on the beach, or to just enjoy a nice relaxing walk along it's charming little streets. The views are seriously beautiful! I love when the Olympic Mountains start to become topped with snow! The view of them in the distance over the sound is the best! I have to say I am really enjoying soaking up all this precious time with Ezrah before her little sister arrives in December. We are so excited to have our second girl here but it is going to be a big change and our days are going to get much fuller so I am just trying my best to be present in the chapter we are in right now. 
1. Sweater from Target 
2. Skirt from Target 
3. Shoes from Old Navy 

Ok, I just wanted to point out how darling these little oxfords are! I think they look perfect paired with these eyelet trimmed socks! They were so inexpensive (on sale now!) and I know that she is going to get so much wear out of them throughout fall and winter! 
Have a blessed week, everyone! 

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