Inspired Fridays

Hey guys!  Let's get inspired for the weekend! I wanted to share with you all a few things that have caught my attention throughout the week that have got my creative gears turning.  Enjoy!

//For Kids//

I mentioned earlier in a post that my husband and I are working on a few changes in our living room. We are just updating and adding some furniture and such.  In the past I have been a pretty big stickler about our daughters toys being in their bedroom and in their bedroom only.  I also tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and I really like things clean and tidy. I got to thinking recently though, that we are a family and our household involves our children and having toys out in the living room is OK!  I want our house to be our home not just my home and I want it to be playful and fun for our kiddos.  So with that idea in mind I wanted to create a little play/reading area in our living room (I still like tidy, so I am going to do this Gabbie style). So what I did was I went and got a cute basket that matches the rest of our esthetic to put some of their toys in.  The next step is to hang a bookshelf ledge above it, right at three year old level so that I can fill it with some of Ezrah's favorite books.  I found this adorable cloud shaped bookshelf at Target.  It's playful and whimsical and it will just be the perfect finishing touch! I will be sure to share it with you guys when it's finished! 

Speaking of whimsy, I can just never have enough of it!  I would love to add this swan ballerina to my girls' room!  I know Ezrah would love it too! 


If you know me at all then you know it is no secret that I love macarons.  Recently I stumbled across Mac Lab Bakery on Instagram.  Unfortunately for me they are located in Georgia but I just love scrolling through their feed!  How amazing are these unicorn macarons?  I want to do a unicorn theme for Ezrah's birthday this year so I may try and recreate these, although I know I will hardly to them justice! 


The statement sleeve.  I have been seeing really over the top sleeves literally everywhere lately and I'm definitely not mad about it.  It's one of my favorite trends right now and I am especially loving these two looks from Storets.  I can't wait to start shopping for Spring! 

If I love statement sleeves then I am obsessed with adult hair bows.  I am seriously so excited about this trend, it's just so feminine it's not even funny!  I mean who said that my three year old daughter is the only one that can have fun with hair bows?  This could be a super easy DIY too, all you need to do is tie a pretty ribbon on a hair tie and that way it will sit tight in your hair all day. 


So I just recently discovered Jenny Cipoletti who is behind the style blog, Margo & Me and I seriously feel like I've been living under a rock because of it.  I can't believe I didn't know about her blog sooner!  Jenny is an absolute beauty and her blog so gorgeous so naturally, I have spent the past week scrolling through all of her posts.  I'm also currently obsessed with her YouTube channel as well.  If you love fashion and all things feminine then I know you will love her too! 

Well that's it you guys!  I hope you are all feeling as inspired as I am and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


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