Outings With Ezrah: A rainy Sunday Morning

Hi everyone!  Welcome to another Outing with Ezrah!  This particular outing just involved us going to Church on Sunday morning and running errands but I had to share this dress! 

Here in Washington State you have to act like it's Spring even when it is still raining so I put her in this adorable little dress from Target.  I absolutely love finding little dresses with unique patterns and this one is no exception!  The little swimmers are perfectly paired with ruffles and it totally says we are ready for sunshine! 

I hope you all enjoyed this short but sweet little lookbook and I hope you all have a wonderful week! See you next time! 


  1. That's the cutest dress! Wish they made kid sizes in adult sizes!!! -Katie


  2. I KNOW!! I always say that when I am shopping for my girls!