Ezrah's Fourth Birthday Party!

Hi everyone! 

We decided to have Ezrah's birthday party a little early this year since we will be camping out of town on her actual birthday.  This past weekend we had a small get together with our close family to celebrate our bright, energetic, sweet (almost) four-year-old.  I can hardly believe the time that has past but before I start tearing up let me get into sharing with you all a little bit of her special day! 

I know at this point it seems that everyone is doing it but I wanted to give her a unicorn themed party.  She loves unicorns and whimsical things so I knew she would love it.  Fun fact:  this banner has been through birthday parties, bridal showers, and possibly a few baby showers.  It was super easy to make and I am very pleased with the use that I have gotten out of it!  This unicorn mount is something that is always up in her bedroom and I just moved it out into the dining room and hung it up where I normally display a painting. 

These plush unicorn cuties are what first inspired me to do this theme.  I found them at The Land of Nod about a year ago and Ezrah loves them so naturally I had to pull them out to decorate with!  The latte bowls are from Anthropologie, which you can just about get in any color and these straws are from the dollar section at Target. 

I had pinned this cake on Pinterest (found here) a while back and I knew that I wanted to give it a try. Let me just tell you that I was not prepared for the difficult level of this cake!  To me it seemed rather simple when I was watching the video but there were A LOT of steps from coloring the different cake layers, to coloring the fondant, to rolling out enough fondant.  It ultimately took me two days to put together and looking back I am SO glad I started this the night before!  With all that said I am so happy with the way it turned out and it was so worth it so see Ezrah get so excited about her special unicorn cake.  

I told my mom that I thought I was going to come out of this with a new found passion and want to open up my own bakery hahah! That is so not the case, this cake exhausted me!  But I did come out of it with a whole new found respect for people who do this as a career, it's hard work! 

Of course me being me I had to dress Ezrah in something that matched our theme.  I found this adorable romper at Target.  I thought the style of it went really well and the candy stripes were perfect!  My birthday princess, of course, had to have a birthday crown and this is one that I have been using for her past couple of birthdays and I think it's becoming a tradition.  I think that I got it at  Claire's but again, it's been a few years.  I also think this would make a fairly easy DIY!

Ezrah, I never imagined that this day would come so fast.  The baby we brought home from the hospital has turned into the most beautiful four year I have ever beheld.  You are so sweet and kind and you already make everyone you come into contact with feel so loved.  You have graciously become a big sister and have foreshadowed a friendship with your sister that this mamma could only dream of.  Your curiosity and awe for the world around you never ceases.  I have never met someone who gets so excited to see a common bird (tweet tweet) in the backyard but it inspires me to look at the Lord's little gifts in a whole new light.  We are so proud of you and we pray that your light continues to shine as you grow to be a godly woman (just not too fast, please). 

Happy birthday, my sweet girl, we love you SO much! 



  1. Wow, what a great set-up! Beautiful birthday girl, I'm sure she loved that amazing cake. Congratulations and happy birthday to Ezra!

    P.S.- I have a great healthy unicorn smoothie recipe that's kid friendly, if you're interested :)

  2. Beautiful party and blog, Gabrielle! Her radiant face says it all. :)