Our Glamping Anniversary Getaway!

Hi Everyone! 

Bryan and I just had our five year anniversary on July 28th!  I can hardly believe it's been five whole years!  If you read my last post you may know that we have surely had our ups and downs but God works all things for our good and we have grown so much in each other and Christ over these years and we feel so blessed in our marriage! 

This year we had a very small window to celebrate (because #armylife) so we decided to go glamping!  My brother and sister-in-law were kind enough to take the kiddos so that we could have the whole night alone. 

This place was so amazing so I just wanted to share some of the details of our little getaway so that just in case you ever happen to be in Washington you can take full advantage! 

We stayed at an Airbnb just outside Monroe, Washington, which also happens to be super cute.  There are two tents on sight of these beautiful gardens, which you can wander around to your hearts content that are also all lit up at night so you can easily get around.  The tents are filled with different objects from the all of the owners world travels and I honestly felt like I was going on a safari in 1912 (Think, Tarzan without the gorillas).  Just outside of the tent was this little deck that overlooked these expansive farmlands, we even got a view of hot air balloons in the distance just as the clouds were turning pink.  

They had complimentary sherry waiting for us, which we enjoyed over a game of scrabble.  We never finished our game since it takes both of us foreverrrr to come up with plays and it was getting late.  I really just want to say for the record, though, that I was ahead when we stopped.  

Since it was private enough we decided to sleep with the back of our tent left open and I am so glad that we did because we woke up to the irresitable cool, crisp air of the morning.  

I also just wanted to quickly share with you the other tent that was on sight as well, even though we didn't stay in it.  This one actually sleeps four, which would be perfect for an all girls trip!  I love the chandelier in this one! 

Even though our trip was short we had the best time just relaxing, staying up late talking, and enjoying the outdoors.  If you are ever in the area or in need of a little romantic (or not) getaway I highly, highly recommend this beautiful place! 

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