Christmas Gift Guide for Little Girls

I have been finishing up with Christmas shopping for my girls this year (I start pretty early) so I thought I would share with you all, a little gift guide.  Some of these things I actually bought for my girls and some I didn't but I still wanted to add a few more things that I think would be great for under the tree!  I will start off by saying that some of these things are on the pricy side but we really don't buy our girls a ton of toys throughout the year so I really like to focus on a few really special things during their birthdays and Christmas.  We really believe in quality over quantity and also in things that are going to stretch the imagination.  This also really helps keep our house from being overrun with toys haha! 

one - We already have the book, Gaston and love it but the companion book, Antoinette recently came out so I had to grab it!  If you don't have either the Gaston & Antoinette box set is so perfect! 

two - One brand that we have really come to love in our household is Maileg!  Everything is so unique with a beautiful whimsical spin.  This little cat and mouse comes in a shoebox that turns into a ballet studio.  I just think it is the most precious thing ever and I can just see my four year old loving it too! 

three - You can never go wrong with hair bows!  This would be a great stocking stuffer! 

four - This is Little Pig, Baby Bacon and I got this for our youngest, Hadessah who will be turning one very soon.  I just see her snuggling up to this cutie and I secretly hope that she sleeps with it until she's 25.   

five - We won't be getting our girls a dollhouse this year but I just had to share this, even though most of you probably already have the lo down on the new Magnolia collection for Target!  This dollhouse is just so darling and I love that it's wooden and minimal in color and style. 

six - If you have a baby one or under it can be kind of hard to decide what to get them since they are so little but why not get them something practical?  You can still get the experience of them opening (probably with a little help) a gift but it will also be useful.  Raise your hand if you feel like teething lasts a lifetime!  You can never have enough teethers, I found this one from Happy Hadley Handmade and I thought it was really unique and feminine.

I really hope this was helpful for any of you girl moms out there.  Thanks for reading and happy shopping! 


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