Galentine's Day: What I Love Most About Being a Girl Mom!

I am going to be completely honest, I wasn't always into Valentine's Day.  I don't really know why I just thought it was kind of lame but I have to say over the past couple of years I have grown to LOVE it!  I just think it is so fun to dedicate a full month to all different kinds of love.  Plus, I think a lot of us get tired of winter after Christmas so I think that Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to lift the winter mood a little bit before Spring makes it's way around! 

So I decided to dedicate the month of February to Valentine's Day and the celebration of love but today, more specifically, we are going to celebrate Galentine's Day as I share all of the things I love about being a girl mom.  

I love being a mother and I know that if the Lord has a little boy somewhere in our future that I will love him unconditionally the way I love our daughters but there is just something about being the mamma of girls that makes my heart sing.  The Lord is just SO good.  I always imagined having a daughter but TWO?  Be still my soul, we are just so blessed.  

So, here are just some of the things I love about being a girl mom

1. I love that my girls are sisters.  I grew up with two brothers, which I honestly wouldn't change, I love them so much!  But I love that my girls are going to have each other as sisters to do life with, I think there is something extra special about girl bonding.  Our girls are still young (four and 13 months) but we really sought the Lord during my pregnancy with Hadessah, asking that He would prepare Ezrah's heart to become a big sister and we have already seen the answers to that prayer.  Our girls really adore one another.  They love to play together and just be in each others company (Sometimes Ezrah even gets upset when her sister has to go down for her naps) it's something that has given me so much joy to watch as their mother and I can't wait to see their relationship bloom even more as they grow older together.  

2. Dress up!  Okay, so maybe this is a given but I still had to mention it.  I love dressing them up in all of the girly things.  Ruffles, bows, lace, you name it.  I have always loved fashion and just graduated with a fashion degree so naturally, with two girls, I can't help it!  Don't worry, I am not going to push it on them if they aren't into it when they are older but for now I am all about it! 

3. I can see in Ezrah increasingly as she gets older that she wants to be like me.  She wants to do her hair like mommy, if I am doing my makeup she wants me to put makeup on her too, she just kind of remains over my shoulder watching everything that I am doing.  Its special for me to be able to relate to them in ways that only a woman can and knowing that they are constantly watching me pushes me to grow.  Like being a better wife so that they have a firm example when it comes time for them to get married or to have a healthy relationship with my body so they look to the Lord and His standard for beauty, not the worlds.  I know that I will never be perfect at it but their little lives continuously remind me that I have a responsibility to aid in raising them up to be godly women and what an honor that is! 

4.  I love the special bond that they have with their dad.  They may look up to me in a lot of ways but their daddy is something special in his own way.  In fact I think that Bryan is Hadessah's favorite person on the planet.  I love watching him carry them on his shoulders and dry their tears and rock them to sleep (I have NEVER been able to rock them to sleep but Bryan?  They are out in two seconds in his arms) those girls put a sparkle in his eye like nobody else can!  

5.  Last but not least one of the things I love most about being a mom, in general, is discovering what each of our children brings to our family.  Ezrah is soft and gentle and whereas Hadessah is bold and confident.  Each time we have welcomed one of our little girls we suddenly realize the void that was there prior to their arrival.  They have each completed our family in their own special and unique way.  I just love seeing the Lord grow our family and whoever we welcome next in the future (this is not a pregnancy announcement lol) whether we welcome another girl or a little boy, I can't wait to see what see what's in store! 

So here is to celebrating the love we share with our children!  Are you a girl mom, a boy mom, or both?  What do you love most about being a mother?  I would love to hear!

Wishing you all the best February ever!

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