Summertime Essentials for Little Girls!

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Hi everyone!  Summer is JUST around the corner and if you are anything like my family and I then you have already hit the beach!  Gathering together my favorite finds for my girls is one of my favorite things to do here on my blog so of course I had to put one together for the upcoming season! Everything here is from Old Navy although to make it even easier for you I linked each item up above.  

1.  These clogs might just be my favorite thing that I have ever added to my daughters wardrobe.  I think they add the perfect amount of sweet to any outfit.  They are Ezrah's number one requested shoe at the moment and I just know that we are going to get so much more wear out of them throughout the rest of the spring and summer.

2.  During the hot summer months I am all about easy when it comes to dressing my girls and this dress is so perfect for that.  It's one of those dresses that you just throw on and go.  It's easy for my girls to run around in and it can also double as the perfect swim suit cover up!

3.  This swim suit deserves all of the heart eyes.  I mean, seriously!  I ordered this for my littlest, Hadessah and I can't wait to see her squishy little belly in it!

4.  Can you go wrong with a pair of cat eye sunnies?  And in the perfect shade of pink!

5.  These jelly sandals are another perfect shoe for the summer.  They are just so easy to throw on and they go with anything.  I also love that they can be worn in the water.  I can't tell you how many times Ezrah has worn these already!

They actually smell like strawberries too....soooooo you can't beat that!

6.  T-shirt's and shorts are the best when it comes to summer so I picked up these cute strawberry tee's , one for each of my girls.  I just think they are super cute especially because the print is made to look like watercolor!

Well those are my favorite summer essentials for my two girlies, I hope you have enjoyed and I hope you all have the best summer ever!


Give Me a (Ear)ring: My Favorite Statement Earrings for Spring & Summer!

Hi everyone!  Spring has finally arrived and as it does every year it is seriously inspiring my wardrobe!  One of the things that I have been loving lately is statement earrings.  When I was in High School I loved earrings.  I had too many pairs to count and they were usually really big and really bold.  I found that after I graduated I went through a phase were I hardly wore them at all but in the last year or so I have completely jumped back on the statement earring bandwagon.  They are such a great way to add to any outfit so today I thought I would share a few pairs that I am really loving right now.

Some of these are older so I will do my best to find links to something similar if I can't find the exact pair!

1.  Flower Power:

I recently picked up these black and gold floral earrings on sale at Anthropologie and not to be dramatic but I adore them!  I think it's safe to say they are my favorite pair I have ever owned.  I just have so many outfits planned for these already.  They are so feminine, delicate and yet bold at the same time.  Soooo obsessed! 

I found some similar pairs here and here.  

2. Gold and Bold:

These are another pair that I got on sale at Anthropologie.  Seriously, you just can't keep me out of that store!  I love that they kind of have a vintage vibe and that they are a statement yet simple enough to pair with a lot of different things.

Similar here.  

3.  Let's Have a (electric) Ball! 

When I found out a while ago that Bauble Bar was doing a line at Target I freaked out!  I love Bauble Bar but they can get kind of spendy so this is a much more affordable option.  I bought these earrings last season but they are still available here is so many different colors.  I can't even tell you how much  I have worn these!  They are my go to when I want a bright pop of color.  Doesn't this electric blue just get you so excited about summer?!

4.  A Recipe for Retro 

I bought these from a local boutique a few years ago but they continue to be one of my favorites.  I love the color combination and they just give me a sort of 60s feel.  They are definitely pretty big (you can see a picture of me wearing them on my blog homepage!) but that's what makes the so unique!  I love doing a really simple makeup look and then just letting these speak for themselves!

Ok, I scoured the internet to try and find something similar and this is the closest I got.  They are similar in color and still have that kind of retro vibe going on!  Check them out here!

5.  Fringe is IN! 

Last but certainly not least are these ombre fringe earrings.  I have wanted a pair like this for so long but didn't know which color to choose until I came across these.  I love them soooo much and I know for sure that I am going to wear these all the time this summer!  I think they will look really cute with a slick ponytail parted in the middle and red lips!  I found these at Target for only 12 dollars and they have such a good color selection.  You can find the link here if you're interested!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, see you next time!