A Letter to My Daughter on Her Seventh Birthday!

It's been awhile since I have posted anything.  The summer has just gotten away with me but I did want to make a little post dedicated to our daughter, Ezrah who just turned seven in June.  As always, we had a little birthday party with our family.  It always seems just right to have a small, uncomplicated get together. 

Even though I am more for small gatherings there are two traditions that we always stick to.  

1.  A new birthday dress.  Having two girls is just extra fun and mine happen to love dresses.  So for the two of them I always try to find a special dress for them to open first thing.  That way they get to wear something new and fresh that makes the day feel unique to all the other days of the year.  

2.  A homemade birthday cake.  This is near and dear to my heart because growing up my mom always made us birthday cakes.  Her time and effort always made our birthdays feel extra special.  I was so excited to carry on the tradition when I started having children of my own.  This year I found this gorgeous floral design from Cake Style and did my best to replicate it.  It was so much fun and I think Ezrah really loved it! 

I can't believe that our girl is seven!  With each passing day she grows further and further away from being "little"  She is becoming such a young lady.  One thing that I am quick to admit here and really anywhere is that I feel things very deeply.  I tend to get extremely emotional and while for the most part, for me, it feels very healthy I am learning what stages tend to make me feel overwhelmed.  

One of those things is watching my children grow older.  While I will never ever intend to forget their time as babies or toddlers, time itself will simply never yield.  As a mother I have found that it is far to heavy a burden to constantly be saddened at the passing of time.  Don't get me wrong, I occasionally let myself sit in that space.  As mothers we need a bit of that too, maybe just to remind us to focus on what's in front of us while it lasts.  

With all that said, on my children's birthdays I try to be extra intentional about focusing on who they are in the current moment.  

So, without further ado...

Here are seven things I love most about my Ezrah girl, my big seven year old, right now. 

1.  I love that you alway insist on being kind.  Even though you are human and you're not perfect, it's still your go-to.  The world needs more kindness and I just know that you are going to do your part! 

2.  I love that when you set your mind to doing something you practice and you practice until you finally get it.  It has been a pleasure watching you learn how to do cartwheels, how to draw, how to ride your bike.  You really (and I mean really) put your mind to anything you wish to gain, nothing seems impossible to you.  Girlie, it's my prayer that you will always go through life with that childlike faith and the willingness to do hard work.  You will change the world like that. 

3.  I love that you can and will make friends with anyone.  You get that from your daddy.  At any given moment our house will be occupied by a different kid from the neighborhood who came trailing in behind you.  I can tell that in all of the years to come you will simply love people and you will love them well. 

4.  Here I must admit that I am being a bit biased but I love that you are into fashion.  So early on in your life and you already show signs of having your own unique style.  Whether you layer several tulle skirts together or reinvent a t-shirt to be worn in complete contrast to its original design you always come to me, proud of your creation.  It makes my heart so so full to watch you be you.   

5.  I adore the sound of your laugh.  The other day you had some friends over and I stood at the end of the hall and listened to you just giggle and giggle.  I thought to myself, "what a joy it is that this girl is my daughter!" 

6.  I love that you cheer your siblings on.  Whether it is seeing Isaiah walk or Hadessah riding her bike, you care about their progress.  You are always in the front row with a big grin and words of encouragement.  You love them so well and it will be such a joy to watch your friendships grow over the years to come! 

7.  I love how your hair shines red in the sunlight.  That hint of strawberry makes it seem as if you're glowing.  The other day you said to me, "mommy, I love how God made my hair." I certainly do too.  I hope you always remember that God made each thread of hair unique and beautiful in its own right and that because of it you will never have to compare yourself to anyone else.  

Happy birthday, Ezrah you are so loved for exactly who you are! 

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