About Me

Hello, welcome to my blog!

I'm Gabrielle 

I'm an Oregon girl, born and raised on the coast of my beautiful state.  I am the wife of a soldier and the mother of two sweet little girls, Ezrah and Hadessah.

If there is one way that I could describe the way I live my life it's creatively.  I am always looking for ways to create whether it's through writing, makeup, clothing, building, painting, or the like.  I am constantly looking for ways to express myself so a lifestyle blog seemed fitting!  Here you will find some of my creations and the inspirations behind them.  I don't define myself by the eyes of the world or even by the eyes of myself but I let myself be defined by Jesus who has called me His. So here, you will also find my love for Him and how he works in my life. 

I'm a traveler, desperate to see wonderful works in the world and the way that other cultures live.  My Oregon roots run deep making me a lover of hiking, camping, and the smell of douglas fir.  I also love reading and collecting beautiful books, wearing lipstick, painting old furniture, being a mommy, being a wife, reading fashion magazines, and listening to loud music in my car. 

I served in the army for almost five years and found that it wasn't for me although through it I was blessed with the opportunity to seek education.  I graduated with my bachelor's of science in Fashion Marketing & Management from the Art Institute and plan to pursue my creative passions in which ever way the Lord sees fit.  

at the end of it all I'm just an ordinary, imperfect girl walking beside my perfect maker in hopes to share His light  and glory with you in ALL that I do.  I hope you stay awhile :)

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