May We Never Lose Our Wonder

I think sometimes as humans we think that we ought to have everything figured out. That all the mysteries of the world and life have be studied and become known.  Yes, I believe in some ways that this is true and I fully believe that God created us to go on adventures and make discoveries.  Discoveries that save people lives, discoveries that teach us how to grow, and discoveries that simply bring us joy and delight.  There is so much that God has allowed us to discover and yet there is a lot, I MEAN A LOT that he has withheld from us. 

I was inspired to write this a couple weeks ago when I was driving home from Seattle with my mother and my little girl.  My mom was driving and night had fallen.  My little girl was sound asleep in the back seat and my mom and I were singing along to old hymns we had playing on the radio.  I then had this sudden urgency to look up at the star sprinkled sky and I found that I couldn't look away.  I hadn't looked up in the sky like this in a long time and I was just in awe.  Not only by it's beauty but the vastness of it's existence.  If this is how we look at the night sky, in awe, how much more does our creator deserve? 

We need to remain in awe of Him.  I think we live in a time of such negativity there is so much fear, complaining, slandering, hate, and yet He has chosen to share the sunrise with you every morning.  The reds and yellows that bleed together to create this spectacular event every morning, it's gifted for your delight.  You can stand confidently on the shore and stare out at the vastness of the sea because theres a God in heaven who protects you by commanding the waves to go no further.  Oh and how I hope you smile when you hear the wind blowing softly through the trees, it's a gift of peace.  We don't have to have it figured out, not even close. Focus your eyes on him in wonder and the things of this world will melt away because when you focus on Him nothing else matters.   

There was once a message spoken by Issac Wimberley and he said "if there are words for Him, then I do not have them." Let's live our lives everyday looking to Him while our speech becomes paralyzed. That is the greatness of our God that we can't even form sentences with the words that we have known all our lives because our earthly vocabulary simply does not possess the words to describe his greatness in full. 

Praise Him in wonder, because He is worthy! 

[the heavens proclaim the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands]

Psalm 19:1 

A Different Kind of Freedom

As an American girl born and raised I can't tell you the thanksgiving I feel at my very core for the blessing I have been given to live here.  This is a place where I can express myself, my faith, I can speak my mind, I can be myself freely and honestly it's one of the greatest gifts I have been gifted but what about the weight of regret, or past feelings of hurt, or the weight of my failures?  In the land of the free why do we still walk in chains? 

I want to talk about the bigger picture of freedom, the freedom that was given at the Cross.  The wage of sin is death and honestly that's a super heavy truth.  It's not fun to talk about and people often tend to shy away from the subject because it's a burden they feel like they have to carry.  But here is the good news.  The wage has already been paid.  That burden, your burden has been nailed to the cross. The freedom from sin is now a free gift given to all who will accept it and it really is all about just letting go and saying, God, you are enough!  I love that old hymn that goes: "Oh, what peace we often forfeit Oh, what needless pain be bear." I love it because it holds so much truth about our lack of human ability to do things on our own and our strange preference for walking in chains.  I also love the word "needless" (if I was blasting this jam and singing along in my car I would always lift my hands in emphasis when that word "needless" comes up) and I think the reason why is because of it's simple, yet powerful meaning.  There is literally no need in the entire world for you to feel burdened by your sins or failures..none..what-so-ever! Give them away!  Throw them away there is no need for you to carry them.  It's hard not to be in control of every little thing and I think that often times we can't let go of mistakes in our past or current hurt and pain because the fact is, is that we want to be in control of it. But that control is what leads to bondage and chains.  You have to be willing to let go of it, after all, Christ was willing to let it go when he died for you and I.  Guys, there is so much freedom in Jesus and it's so worth the taking!
the path is before you. if you want to be free, be free.