You've Got Snail Mail!

Hi everyone!  Today I wanted to share with you all a new tradition that we have started in our family. A few months ago my sister-in-law, knowing how much I love Rifle Paper Co, gave me a stationary set that included all of these really cute stickers to use on envelopes.  It got me thinking how very little I actually send mail.  We live in such a digital world and snail mail has kind of gotten lost in the thick of it all.  I thought it would be a really special tradition to start with our girls, to send out mail to our loved ones on a regular basis.  Something that we put time and effort into, a small gesture to bless the receiver.  We also live on the other side of the country from my husbands family and don't see them very often, so I thought this would be a great way for them to know that they are always on our hearts too.  

When it comes to sending mail I usually let Ezrah (our oldest) do all of the card decorating, which usually includes a ton of glitter, and then I get the envelopes.  I love coming up with different ways to decorate them to make them a little extra special.  I included a couple of different envelope designs here in this post just in case any are interested in doing this yourselves! 

Of course, for the purpose of this post, all of the names and addresses are fictional. 

For the first design I just used a white gel pen and for the second I used a metallic gold paint pen (super fine tip) over a wash of black water color.  I always start off with pencil and play around with everything until its just the way I want it and then I go in with whatever medium I am using.  Since these addresses are fictional and I won't actually be sending them out I spared the stamp, but to make it easier it's best to put the stamp on first.  That way you don't risk having to cover up some of your design with the stamp, which I have done plenty of times.  

I hope you all enjoyed this short but sweet post all about snail mail.  I also hope that some of you are inspired to start sending mail out to your loved ones too!  Not everything has to be done on the computer or a phone, we are capable of connecting in other ways, and I love how sending mail has reminded me of that.  It's nice to slow things down a bit sometimes and take more than just ten seconds to put a little love into something for the people we love.  

I hope you all have a blessed week, I'll see you again next time! 


  1. These are so pretty! What a great idea. I love getting snail mail (thats not bills!) and I'm sure your loved ones do too!

  2. Thank you! I know, it's so nice to get something in the mail that's NOT bills!!!

  3. i'm such a lover of snail mail!! its kinda old school, but it makes me so happy!
    xo |