Welcome to my Home! (A room tour)

I am a firm believer in "making a house a home" and I love decorating my home with things that are creative and meaningful to both me and my family.  I love living in a creative space that inspires me everyday.  I strive for my home to be a place of rest, play, invitation, and hospitality for others to enjoy when they visit!  I thought it would be so cool to do a series dedicated to showing you my home and how I like to decorate! As you will be able to tell from the pictures I would say that my style is definitely shabby chic.  I love for my spaces to feel airy and fresh so I have a lot of light, distressed furniture with pastel accents. 

Quick side note:  I am living with my parents right now while my husband is still in Korea so right now I am only going to be able to show you my bedroom.  I will post more of the rest of my home when we get settled into our new place in a few months when my husband comes home for GOOD!

This is one of my favorite things in my bedroom! It's an old widow that I got at an antique barn in Tennessee.  I also find it important to surround myself and my home with truth.  These sayings are from one my my favorite books "Spoken For" by Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Joy Bethke. It's such a great book and I recommend it to all women! The sayings are as follows: you are treasured, you are redeemed, you are set free, you are covered, you are spoken for, you are pursued.  It's nice to look up from time to time and be reminded of the things that God says about ME and that HE defines me, not the world.  The flower crowns are from a photo shoot that I did with my daughter this summer.  Maybe I will do a DIY on them soon!

This is my dresser.  It was my aunts who gave it to my mom who then gave it to me!  As you can see it's got that distressed look, which I love. 

This is the top of my dresser.  You will see throught this post that I love books!  I especially love books with beautiful covers!  To the right is my collection of Jane Austen by penguin classics. These are paper back but you can get them in hardback at Anthropologie! I also have a another edition of Pride and Prejudice that my parents got me as a gift. The book in the front is Romeo and Juliet which I found in my grandparents garage! I keep most of my earrings in this little tea cup that I got in a cute little downtown shop and I keep a lot of my nail polishes in this cute ball jar which also acts as a book end!

 I saw these amazing globes at Anthropologie but didn't feel like I could pay two hundred dollars for one so I decided to DIY one myself from this old globe that I found sitting around (secret: it's not finished yet) I painted one of my favorite quotes on it and surrounded it with flowers.  I just love this because it reminds my husband and I to remain adventurous in our marriage and in our lives. The flowers next to it are just fake flowers that I bought at Hobby Lobby and they are in a mason jar that I painted yellow.  Also, hanging from the jar is the handkerchief that I used at my wedding.  There may still be some mascara stains on it. 

Here's something you can do with old frames.  Put some cute paper inside the frame (this is wrapping paper from Rifle Paper Co. ) and then paint a cute quote on the outside of the glass.  Mine says: you, me, oui and I just used a gold metallic paint pen. 

My bed is also one of my favorite parts of my room!  I found this headboard at a little vintage shop and it is actually meant for a double and I have a queen so what I did was just mount it to the wall behind my bed and you can't even tell!  I love how the robbins egg blue looks against my white bedding.  All of my bedding is from the Lauren Conrad collection from Kohl's and it's her Allie collection.  I got it for major on sale and I love it so much! I also always leave the book I am currently reading on my bed which is "The Secret Garden"  The curtains I have in my room are just these simple white cotton curtains that my mom made and I seriously couldn't buy anything that I would love more.  They are so airy and light and it just makes me feel like I'm living in a little cottage.  I'm going to make her make me some when I move!

This desk was also given to my mom by my aunt and then given to me and it's my favorite piece of furniture that I own! It's been painted a few times over the years but I recently painted it white again with chalk paint and changed the knobs to these really pretty crystal knobs from Hobby Lobby.  I love the way it turned out! The flowers on the left are fake and I got them at a cute little shop in Ireland two summers ago and the flowers on the right are fresh hydrangeas that I just got at the grocery store. I LOVE hydrangeas! The Eiffel Tower is also from Hobby Lobby and I just strung lights around it.  It kind of acts as a lamp at night. 

Here is a better view of what's on my desk. The lightbulb is filled with sand from the beach in Florence, Oregon which is where I grew up. I have two fall candles that I like to burn at night when I am reading or doing home work and then I have a couple of note books from Rifle Paper Co.  The top one is my current prayer journal. 

Above my desk is a little picture collage. The top left is the CUTEST giraffe print that I got at Hobby Lobby, the top right is one of my favorite pictures of Ezrah from her first trip to the pumpkin patch, and the two bottom I painted myself.  The bottom left was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Katie Rodgers!

What's on my shelf?

This is my messy shelf, which is odd because I usually like things neat and tidy but I like the way this looks.  It makes my space feel a little more lived in.  This is also the only wall that isn't painted.  I don't think it was intentional but I like it this way. 

This purse was gifted to me by my husband for Mother's Day this year.  He's so sweet!  The purse is sitting on my programs from all the Broadway shows I've seen.  The only one that I don't have is a program from Wicked, I don't know what I was thinking! Looks like I need to go see it again so I can grab one ;)  The bowls on the left are from Anthropologie and the bowls on the right I found in Ireland but I found suuuuper similar ones here if you're interested!  

Here I just have a few hats and some nail polish, lipstick, and perfume.  I also have this poster from the first Broadway show I ever went to which was Mamma Mia.  My dad took me to see it and ever since then I have been in love with Broadway!  It also is really special between me and him because it's just "our thing" on my wedding day he surprised me with the song "Slipping Through my Fingers" right before he walked me down the isle.  OMG, it could still bring me to tears today if I think about it too much!  The book in front of the poster is a children's book that I got in Paris about Coco Chanel.  It's in french which I love and I hope to be able to read it one day! 

Last on the shelf I have this pink Eiffel Tower (can a girl love Paris??) that will actually someday go in Ezrahs room! Next to it is a jar full of grass and flowers that we brought back from Ireland.  We picked them at the Old Head of Kinsale.  Behind it is just some watercolor flowers that I painted a few years ago. 

In the window sill I have this very special picture of me and my cousin, Hollie wearing a very special dress. This is a little pink dress that has been worn and pictured on five generations of girls in my family! We are going to be making it six here pretty soon by taking a picture of Ezrah in it! 

Another special picture is this one here.  This is my favorite picture of my husband and I from our wedding day.  I just had it blown up and I framed it in a frame that I go at Hobby Lobby. 

So here is just a little overview of the whole room.  It's a space that I feel relaxed in.  I feel peaceful and inspired in it.  I hope you enjoyed my little tour!  Let me know what your favorite things to do to your home are!  What makes you feel at home, what inspires you? I hope you all have a great weekend :)

p.s. how cute is my mom's cat, Chanel?! She's so sweet and I think she matches my decor perfectly!


13. flower crowns 

14. fireflies 

15. the smell of autumn 

16. prayers from a stranger 

17. paris

18. flower carts in the city 

19. flowers in the window sill 

20. new, lasting friendships 

21. bryan's smile 

22. songs that bring back memories 

23. trips to the zoo

24. coffee 

25. snow capped mountains 

26. road trips 

27. black and white movies 

28. a shelf full of books 

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