Easter Basket Goodies for Girls!

Easter is upon us once again, which I always get excited for.  For some reason, for me, it doesn't feel like Spring has actually arrived until Easter Sunday.  Perhaps it's because there is something so special about the day.  2,000 years ago on this day I imagine the world blooming with relief as Christ came to lift its burden.  What a beautiful reminder Spring brings.  The restoration of flowers, green grass, sunshine, warm breezes as the world once again sheds off its winter coat.  New life.  This is what Jesus did for us when he died and rose again three days later he shed, for us our burden, our winter coat.  So in the likeness of our Father who gives good gifts, Easter is such a special time to bless our loved ones with gifts as well.  I decided to put together all of my favorite finds that would be perfect for a little girls Easter basket.  I hope you enjoy! 

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As I have mentioned a million times before I love the Baby Lit books as so does my oldest daughter.  When I saw that they came out with A Little Princess friendship primer I immediately placed an order.  I can hardly wait for Easter to give this to Ezrah! I love finding unique toys for my girls and I have seen these wooden camera's around a lot.  I just think they are so darling and you can get them in just about any shade of pastel you wish.  You can never go wrong with hair accessories.  My oldest daughter is in this phase where she loves to wear pretty dresses and have her hair done so I thought this would be perfect.  I had a hard time with this one though because I love the sailor bows from Wunderkind Co. so much but they are often sold out (for good reason) so you probably won't be able to get this specific bow in time for Easter but I thought it was a nice example.  Something that my daughter really loves is pajamas, she loves being in them and she loves getting new ones so I had to include these.  I love how you can mix and match the bottoms with the top and how Springy is this floral print?!  Lastly, I think it's always fun for girls to have their own version of the things that mommy wears.  So I found these pretty adorable heart shaped sunglasses.  Hopefully we will be able to put them to use very soon!  

I hope this was helpful for any of you who may be putting together baskets for your little girlies and I wish all of you a wonderful Easter!  May you be reminded of the burden that Christ bore for you and because of it, you are immeasurably free!  

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