Fall Makeup Staples

      Hi everyone!  We are moving further into the fall season, which for me means warm shadows and
      dark bold lips.  If I'm honest fall is my favorite season for makeup and I wanted to share with you 
      my must haves!  I don't discriminate when it comes to makeup I just buy what I love so I have a 
      good mixture of drugstore and high-end to share with you guys and I hope you enjoy!  I will link 
      to everything throughout the post to make it easier just in case you are interested in any of the 
      products that I mention. 

      To start off I have really been loving this eyeshadow palette from Tarte. There is a good mixture 
      between neutrals and soft plum shades, which can be worn subtly but I also think you can create
      a really pretty smoky eye with this too.  All the shadows are matte, which is different than 
      anything else I own and I have just been really enjoying the different looks I can create with it.  
      OK, this NARS eyeshadow duo in Isolde is everything! These shadows are just so rich and 
      beautiful and they just scream autumn.  When I wear these I simply just put the lighter gold color 
      on the inner corner of my eye and the darker bronze color of the outer corner and then blend the 
      two together.  It's so simple to do but it still gives a really bold look to the eyes that I love! 
      Lastly, I had to share one of my favorite cream eyeshadows from Maybelline in the shade 
      Bad to the Bronze.  This shadow is great for all year but I especially love it for fall because it adds 
      such a warm look to the eyes.  This is one that I just literally just throw on by itself it doesn't need 
      anything else to go with it.  It's really easy to blend out (I just use my finger) and it lasts all day.
      The price is also extremely affordable, which is always a plus! 

      Because I am so fair I struggle with finding darker shades for fall and winter that work for me.  I 
      I don't go to far outside the box but I love this one from Tarte in Exposed. It's a matte natural pink 
      and it has this warm tone that is just right for both fall and my fair complexion.  The Becca 
      highlight in Opal is great for this time of year because the gold tone really warms up the face. 
      And just for added bonus the formula is amazing, this stuff goes on like gold butter and brings the 
      light to all the right places! It is no doubt worth every penny. 

      I saved the best for last!  If you know me at all you will know that I love playing around with lip
      color and the fall season is my absolute favorite!  So without further ado lets get into my picks!  
      Black Cherry from Revlon has been a long time favorite of mine.  It's not as scary as it looks, I 
      promise!  It's pretty vampy but I think it's beautiful and the formula is really creamy, which makes 
      it easy to wear.  I do like to wear a lipliner under it and I find that this liner from NYX in 
      Copenhagen goes perfectly with it.  Another drugstore staple of mine is Divine Wine by 
      Maybelline.  As the name suggests it is just this beautiful wine shade and it's matte, which is 
      something I really love in a darker lipstick. Ok, so these next two I am super excited to talk about! 
      The melted matte lipsticks from Too Faced are seriously to die for! The first shade I have been 
      loving is called Queen B, which I would describe as a mauve-y nude. Because it's more on the 
      neutral side it's easy to pair with a lot of different looks but I also like to pair it with the colors 
      from my Tarte palette that I mentioned earlier for kind of a monochromatic look.  Now, if you are
      looking for the perfect red lipstick look absolutely no further! This one is called Lady Balls, and
      despite it's horrible name it is seriously THE best!  It has a blue undertone, which I think is 
      always flattering and the velvety texture is so sexy.  If you are the type that gets nervous about 
      matte textures you don't have to worry with this one because it stays on like cement.  I never have 
      to reapply whenever I wear it. 

      So those are my picks!  I hope you all have so much fun playing with your makeup this fall!
      Remember that it's all about having fun so don't worry about taking it too seriously!


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